Thursday, June 2, 2011

I think about the progress i've made and sit down to blog about it and go blank. How do I sum up it up? I'm not always sure, but here we go again.

It has been nice to get back and see the small steps each day brings. I have these moments, where I learn something new about living. I keep imagining it like this: I stand in front of a tailor, instead of dressing me, he and his helpers strip a new layer from me. What is left is a new awareness to something of life. For my newest epiphany, I learned how selfish I had become towards family and online friends during the month of sickness. It wasn't until I got back to my practice that I saw what a fool I had been. Dealing with my ego can be ugly.

In the last few days, I dipped my toes into Sury B. I really like the way Nicki set up the DVD, it works for a progressive style of home practice. Monday I began following her into Sury B, chair to Dwei to finish my morning practice. Chair pose is such an awkward posture for me and it makes me even more aware of the connection the back and spine have to the rest of the body. This isn't all together new for me, with the lower back problems that intially got me involved in yoga. My arms in chair pose are almost like a pauper pleading for a morsel to eat. In time i hope they will move higher and straighter. There is alot of heat this brings me, I don't know if this is how everyone experiences the beginning of Sury B or not. I was sore the next day.

Tuesday was an impromptu hike just didn't feel like a Ashtanga day. Wednesday...a mooon day i almost missed, I was tired and sore, then I looked at the calender. Do we tune into moon days the more we practice Ashtanga? I don't know, but this time around i felt a bit warn out.

Today, I woke up, but didn't practice right away. I have tested myself with this. i thought I had to get to the mat first thing after crawling from my bed, or I would never get there. I have been able to get away from that. I can wake up, do something else, then get to the mat and enjoy the practice. I am wondering if i will be sore in the morning.

I am also doing the math for my shift change at work, the idea of waking to an alram clock five days a week is bitter sweet. I will have to play with my morning and waking time to fit my practice in, now and as I progress. Right now it takes about 30minutes, including the first part of SuryB, following the DVD.

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