Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Friday felt like Saturday, but it didn't stop me from waking up to get on my mat. My shift has officially changed, which has left me adjusting my life. I'm up for the challenge, it fits in with where these lessons have brought me. I did time it right, but down the road I can see waking up earlier if I need the time for my practice.

I am pushing myself to improve in Sury A, while I will probably continue to stay at the beginning of Sury B, for now, until it feels right to move on. Chair pose is the reason for the new soreness in my back and Lat area, something I wasn't sure of but now believe. I like moving from chair to dwei, difficult as it is, I love the heat it creates.

I have felt very calm over my first non-vacation weekend, that I've had off, in over three years. Working unusual hours has left me disconnected ftom the world, as if I were just a ghost flitting from place to place. It makes me wonder if joining Facebook is an option, then I come to my senses. I would rather be among a commuity connected on a more personal level, that isn't meant to discount the friendships that can be formed online. Communities that meet physically, can accomplish so much more for the world around us, rather than sitting behind a computer tapping away on the keyboard.

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