Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last night I had a couple beers and a meatball sub, not a normal thing for me. I had the need to just chill out and forget the day of work and the extreme heat. Because of the beer, i wa pokey crawling out of bed, so cut my session short. I went through SuryA but stopped before getting into the part of B that i have recently added.

Despite the lack of Sury B, I had a really good practice. Breathing was good, along withstaying up in downdog every time, which a huge advance for. I realized that using the DVD is a bit like training wheels. I can't move in perfect unison, so if I do my best and get my quality breaths in I have done well.

My appetite was ravenous today, like I couldn't get enough food. I've been here before, it seems something that comes with my practice. I eat the same amount as always, but it doesn't seem enough

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