Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just got finished with my morning practice, finished fairly strong. I have started supporting myself in Chatwari, instead of resting on my belly. It isn't a struggle either, chatwari feels strong, especially moving into upward dog.

Challenges for the week, were gettig sick Wednesday morning and dealing with coworkers. I left work yesterday so pissed off. I am looking over my options for the future, because i don't see much changing there...just me leaving. I only mention this, because i have been able to leave these distractions off the mat and focus. I don't carry anger around with me, didn't before, but now i let it go and move forward even easier.

Moon Day falls on Sunday, so i won't miss any practice days, yeah!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week was so odd, not just for the couple days I practiced, but for life. I was on vacation, but found little direction, piddling around and ot feeling like doing much. Went to the Zoo, the movies, drove around and sat around the house.

I have been successful on an almost entirely meatless menu for the last two weeks. Had a bowl of my favorite Lobster Bisque, not sure I can give that up. At the movies, I had a chili cheese dog, but thenn saw they have veggie burgers...shoot!.

I got my self through Sury A this morning, then tackled the drive to the new office, UGH! Hate the drive and I need to get going in the morning, might have to readjust times. Or I may have to get to bed earlier to get sleep, get up and get on the mat. It makes me think more about working closer to home or making other changes. 'd love to live and work somwhere i could bike or walk to work. Especially after today, being completely un-motivated. doing enough to be productive...even missing a few calls on purpose.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've taken te last two days off from practice, to rest. I had not given myself time to sleep and used alot of energy up. I know I'll be back to it tomorrow, because i can feel that fire growing inside. I miss it, even on days when I know my body is tired, I think about coming home after being out and getting on the mat. Being tired, I believe is partly diet, which i have been working on...but not the sole reason.

I was at a wedding this weekend and wanted to relay something funny. I had told my Mom about my practice, but when i hugged her and the bride, to leave the reception, Mom squeezed my bicep, then the Bride followed. "That's the yoga." I told them. It really didn't hit me until today, at the movies. I had noticed alot of definition and increased muscles in my forearms and upper chest, etc. The shirt I had on today, ahs very short sleeves, so when I was washing my hands in the bathroom, at the theatre, I noticed my upper arms. I have to say, how easy it is to admire the definition of bicep and tricep.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last three days of practice have been eye-opening, because I've felt stronger. Two days of completing Sury A witht eh chair pose of Sury B. Today I was up and out of bed, which gave me plenty of time to work my way into Sury B up to the lunge. I only went until I got both sides in, wobbling, trying to get the movement right. Foot placement and balance are the challenge, but I was excited to get there again.

I stopped on the way home tonight to get more apple sauve cups from the Dollar Store. The last coupld days Ive taken Corn Crackers, Hummus and Applesauce to work for lunch. Tonight i stopped at Boston Market and got the Three Sides meal, mashed potatos and gravy( chicken gravy with small pieces of chicken in it), creamed spinach and baked apples. I have to say eating like this leaves me feeling full but lighter...and alot more energy.

One more days before the Moon Day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My practice seems to be fluctuating, berween strong days and weak days. It doesn't help when i'm pokey, getting to the mat in the morning. Yesterda was strong, today was a little weak.

It might be diet related, diet as in correct eating habits, not what the western mind thinks of , when the word is used. I am working on, getting on the Ayurvedic path for my Dosha. It is a little funny, that in the last couple days, I've run across, and bought, two Ayurvedic cookbooks. It's funny, because up until recently they weren't anywhere locally, to be found.

Yesterday I had a Nachos Belgrande, which has meat on it, but that is the only meat of any kind I've had in the couple days. This began after a visit to a cafe i went to for the first time, that has a vegatarian menu. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful, natural skinny bodies did have an influence on me. Just before quitting time, i felt a little tired, but found a second wind somewhere on the way home.

I was thinking about how difficult it is to be vegatarian in the United States. Our idea of such a thing is salad, salad and more salad, but it goes beyond that.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Satruday, I reluctantly got on the mat to practice and found I had more energy than i thought I would. The week , that led up to it, was so up and down, I was a little frustrated and tired. Thursday i skipped because my mind was off thinking of something I couldn't shake.

I said goobye to Borders and bought a few books, one a vegetarian cookbook and another on Ayurveda cookbook. I know I need to change my eating habits again and follow the ayurvedic rules for my Kapha Dosha. I had done so well before, then got away from it. I know I am completely out of balance in my eating habits.

I also picked up a Ashtanga book that has the Sutras in it, something I ve thought about. I have some of the other writings, but Nicki mentions the Sutras on the DVD every time I practice, so they've been on my mind.