Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a couple days since I made an entry, so here's a recap. Beginning on the Solstice, a day I woke and just felt so exhausted and very sinusy. It was a bit of a gloomy day here, so i turned on the radio part of my clock radio and skipped my practice. It didn't stop there, at 7am I left my boss a voicemail that i wasn't coming in. Then withot delay, turned off the radio and crawled into bed to sleep until 1pm.

The following day i came back to the mat and had an incredibly strong session, which led into Sury B. Over the last week i've done some of Sury A, to all of Sury A. Then other days I did A and did a little of B and have no refrets either way. My mindset is in line with the idea of the eight limbs, that I won't get angry if i backslide. I know I am progressing, but understand that we need rest days---we aren't machines.

Now, on to a side effect of Ashtanga...more acne. I have mentioned getting acne before, but it has found a new place to break out, that hasn't since I was a teen. Where you might wonder? The tip of my nose, yep, I haven't had a zit on my nose since I was a teen. My diest has changed and I have ruled everyting else out. I am not one to jump to conclusions, so with the little knowledge I have, hopefully those new to Ashtanga will find anything I can provide useful.

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