Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yesterday I took too long getting out of bed and had to skip practicing. Today i got up in time and fit it in, but was very distracted. My sexual appetite is very strong and has gotten in the way of my practice and other events. This is the first i chose to put this down in a blog entry, I just won't go into detail.

I do want to say how good it feels to stretch in Ekam and not just rais my arms over my head. It feels like the whole ribcage expands with the movement and breath. If i can get my breath-work to match the movement(which is still inconsistant, depending the day and movement) I know it will feel incredible.

I have noticed the craziness in drivers, biekriders and walkers and see the influence of the New Moon that will be here on the 1st. It's a wonder I make it home or anywhere alive. I just try and stay alert and not get hit or hit anyone who isn't paying attention.

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