Friday, June 10, 2011

One more day of my six days of practice, where I normally take Sunday off to rest. Today I was a bit tired, had time to go into Sury B, but chose not to. I worked my way thru Sury A, did pretty well, but knew I wold stop without moving beyond it.

I do't have alot to write tonight, just a few things. It has been a week of adjustments, with changing work days and hours, getting up earlier to practice hasn't been a huge challenge. Ashtanga is my early morning shot of cappacino, it makes me feel so alive. Even after making every effort to perform each asana properly with the right breath, I get in the shower with shaky legs and blood pumping in my tired arms.

My calf was a little sore today, but no biggie, just worked it real good.

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