Monday, June 13, 2011

I ended up taking Saturday off from my practice, when i woke I just wasn't feeling it. I had thought about getting to it later on in the day, but changed my mind.

One of the things I did do is by a pair of Vibram KSO's and i have to say I'm in love with them. I've considered it for almost a year and went to a local store, tried them on and bought them on the spot. Sunday, I ventured out in them, a little nervous abot what might happen, actually a little shakey. I thought everyone would look at me like I'm stranger than I am. Nothing, i found people really don't pay too much attention to peoples feet. It wasn't until a stop at a store, that the lady in front of me asked med about them. Then at work, I figured everyone would notice, nope. I had one person notice in the lunchroom, only because i sat a little in front of her with my feet out. I pointed it out to another guy as I was leaving for the day and told him how confortable they are.

Back to my morning practice, this morning, the two days off did me some good. THrough out the entire session, I didn't need to put my knees down to rest one bit. I was a little pokey getting out of bed and getting going, so no Sury B parts. Tomorrow is a moon day, so I may consider my wakeup time and change it for Wednesday.

I love the direction things continue to go, challenging myself in different ways is a great way to keep growing.

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