Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to the mat

Just finished my morning session, but had to cut the end of Sury A short. I was in downdog and felt naucous, so I let the DVD continue while i let my body figure out what it was doing. I had some ginger tea with honey when i first got up, because i woke with a sore troat. Our Ohio weather has been so rainy and cold, so hope that is the reason for symptoms.

In a way i have put off my practice, until I felt "ready", like I was waiting for some catalyst. I have had some challenges, but nothing related to my practice. Well, the weather has affected my knees and made me feel tired. Other than that, it felt good to get back. I just have to get used to this new keyboard, I'm stuck using with the new computer...improving my tping skills might help too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm kind of bummed out, more time away from my practice. I woke Monday morning to a very sore ankle. I didn't notice it on Sunday, after practicing on Saturday. i had hoped to be better today(Tuesday) but there was still some tenderness.

Monday, I nap in the tub, which helped the ankle a little. When i woke I did some breath work, something I normally do. This time I changed it a bit, because i wondered about my timing during my practice. When i follow the DVD, Nicki has the follower do five deep, long breaths during down dog.

Now on Ekam, my breaths are long and match the movement, but I seem to lose that later. While i was in the tub I practiced breathing in fully, paused, then exhaled completely. i did this over and over again and gained some insight. Now, when i managed to get on the mat, I will pay more attention to what I learned.

On a whole another topic, i have thought more about how apathetic I have become with society. I don't hate them, it isn't like that. I just have narrowed my view of what is needed to live a happy life. I was at a store, and found myself watching Ironman on a TV, it was beautiful. i admire the progress technology has made. Admiration is all there is, they are selling things i don't feel I have a use for in my life.

I spent time today watching videos about the monastic and eremetic life...there is something attractive about living such a life. If you would ask a select few people, they might tell you i am already a hermit. There is this negative connotation to the word "hermit",but looking back at the way we have persecuted those who live on the borders of society, I am not surprised. Hermits and witches...hmmm...the frail crone who lives on the edge of a village. We seem to single out the odd, then when they go off on their own, we feel the need to track them down and attack them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It was a but touch and go this morning, it seems easy to be distracted away from my morning practice. Normally I get going early, first thing after crawling from my bed. I dealt with the distraction this morning then found my way onto my mat.

There was a little soreness in my hanstrings, but not pain, just the soreness from being away. I was pumped all day too, I'd forgotten how energized my Ashtanga practice can make me. Right now i feel a bit tired, but I'm sure a good nights sleep will fix that.

Back on the Mat

It seems like forever, since i unrolled my mat, to the point of wondering how well i would do. yesterday morning, I did just that, got back to my practice. i thought I might be weaker and stiff, but my body retained the strength and flexibility. There was that nagging doubt in my head, about how far i would go, that disappeared. My legs did shake a little in downward facing dog and my arms felt like giving out( so I still struggle to hold myself up all the way through). I feel like I overcame this sickness and fought my mind back to the mat.
It feels like a love/hate relationship with my practice, because it is hard to get to the mat, but love it afterward. I always feel like i was changed by the time i spend on the mat, paying so much attention to my body and breath.
With that, I will end and get ready for doing just that.