Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I woke up early by 15minutes and that seemed to work to get my practice in. I didn't feel rushed, but there was some stiffness and a bit of soreness in my lower left back. I don't know if it will go away, like it has before. It might not, with the venture into Sury B, it could be Chair pose that is adding the soreness/stiffness. Wth the earlier hours, I do start to get the glisten of sweat, because the air conditioning is set so it isn't coming on--it works nicely that way.

Something I noticed yesterday at work, was something I had almost not even noticed. Normally at work I'm fully engaged, multi-tasking like a fiend. In the slow moment I hear my current cubicle partner mumble to me or call me for one reason or another. Yesterday, I had slipped into this buffer zone, because when he got in, he was giving such a hecic energy. It was too much and in my past energy experience of energy work, I have done well grounding myself. THis was a little different, I turned my back and remained engaged if someone really needed my attention. I had wrapped this layer around me, that blocked him out to the point that he has to say my name a couple times, before i decide that I have time for him. he usually wants to show me something on Facebook or something unrelated to work. It isn't the same as zoning out, more like a curtain i draw, it's something new that I haven't had before.

This new control over concentration must be from my Ashtanga practice. I could focus before, but this is deeper that what I have ever had before. I kind of settle into this point and block unnecessary distractions. I have had mornings where my mind tried to keep from the mat or pull me off once I'm there. I think of Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys 2 walking around saying "Woosah". I find myself wanting to remind people to breathe, when they get wrapped in such a useless state of frustration. Breathe and concentrate on getting thru whatever challenege is standing in the way at that time. It makes such a difference on how everthing after that goes. If you, attack something with frustration, it will win and spawn into someting so ferocious the stress will kill you.

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