Sunday, August 7, 2011

Satruday, I reluctantly got on the mat to practice and found I had more energy than i thought I would. The week , that led up to it, was so up and down, I was a little frustrated and tired. Thursday i skipped because my mind was off thinking of something I couldn't shake.

I said goobye to Borders and bought a few books, one a vegetarian cookbook and another on Ayurveda cookbook. I know I need to change my eating habits again and follow the ayurvedic rules for my Kapha Dosha. I had done so well before, then got away from it. I know I am completely out of balance in my eating habits.

I also picked up a Ashtanga book that has the Sutras in it, something I ve thought about. I have some of the other writings, but Nicki mentions the Sutras on the DVD every time I practice, so they've been on my mind.

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