Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last three days of practice have been eye-opening, because I've felt stronger. Two days of completing Sury A witht eh chair pose of Sury B. Today I was up and out of bed, which gave me plenty of time to work my way into Sury B up to the lunge. I only went until I got both sides in, wobbling, trying to get the movement right. Foot placement and balance are the challenge, but I was excited to get there again.

I stopped on the way home tonight to get more apple sauve cups from the Dollar Store. The last coupld days Ive taken Corn Crackers, Hummus and Applesauce to work for lunch. Tonight i stopped at Boston Market and got the Three Sides meal, mashed potatos and gravy( chicken gravy with small pieces of chicken in it), creamed spinach and baked apples. I have to say eating like this leaves me feeling full but lighter...and alot more energy.

One more days before the Moon Day.

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