Monday, August 22, 2011

Last week was so odd, not just for the couple days I practiced, but for life. I was on vacation, but found little direction, piddling around and ot feeling like doing much. Went to the Zoo, the movies, drove around and sat around the house.

I have been successful on an almost entirely meatless menu for the last two weeks. Had a bowl of my favorite Lobster Bisque, not sure I can give that up. At the movies, I had a chili cheese dog, but thenn saw they have veggie burgers...shoot!.

I got my self through Sury A this morning, then tackled the drive to the new office, UGH! Hate the drive and I need to get going in the morning, might have to readjust times. Or I may have to get to bed earlier to get sleep, get up and get on the mat. It makes me think more about working closer to home or making other changes. 'd love to live and work somwhere i could bike or walk to work. Especially after today, being completely un-motivated. doing enough to be productive...even missing a few calls on purpose.

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