Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I would love to blame everything that got in the way of my practice. Quite simply, I can't blame some inanimate object or activity for stopping me from practicing, it has no hands or persuasive speech to inhibit me.

I have noticed that the days following a moon day are the most difficult to get back on the mat. This week was the worst, moon day fell on a Saturday, Sunday is my rest day. Normally, Monday and Tuesday are easy days, I don't work on either, but I found it difficult to get to my practice. Monday morning I woke early and could feel the energy race thru my body, then i fell back to sleep. Got up and raced to get soup and hit the movies. Today (Tuesday) just put it off, until it was time to go eat, telling myself i'd come back "later" and do it. I eneded up watching some Youtube stuff on Mennonites and Quakers.

In a way it was nice, because the time was spent listening, when i don't feel a need to speak. Funny how i feel this lack of a need to speak when i have one of my parents calling me. This speech thing is the most difficult, when people want to call and talk. i don't have alot to say, the calmness has taken over and life is uncluttered. I don't feel bombarded by thought.

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