Thursday, March 31, 2011

It has been a few days since my last blog, days of being tired. One morning of sleeping until I had no choice but climb from my bed and shower. Today was the first day back on my mat, feeling tired still, I believe the few days off did some good. i felt stronger, even in with thetired feeling holding on. You'd think i would wonder when i would get beyond Sury A and get into Sury B, but there is no hurry to extend the session yet. it isn't that I don't desire to, it is that I understand that there is no hurry to race from one point to the next, just to say that i have done such a thing. Since my last post, I continued to read more on Quakers/Society of Friends. Tonight was no different, it was tonight that I realized that with great respect, I could not be part of them. It wasn't the Testimonies (even with the way they change), but some of what is expected of a member that I know I personally could not agree with. It is my fiercely independent spirit that came out and I realized I was done with the study of them. My pagan heart, as open as it is, decided that it has been educational, but it is time to move on. I am much more of a Universalist Pagan though and definitely will try and incorporate what I have learned into my life. I am also a budding student of the Vedic writings and Sanskrit. How I see the world is very pagan even with little excursions off the path. It has made me wonder about the bible and would like to sit down and read it. Ten years ago, the mention of the bible would get a different response, but it isn't and wasn't the book that brought the reaction. it was the person wielding it, that brought the reaction of hissing kitties. I have a coworker, nice guy, but he also uses the words of the bible as law. There is something off balance with him and others I have met. Just saying the passages won't get you anywhere, unless you are talking to someone of like mind. It takes more than reciting words to make me believe you are what you portend to be. Action goes much farther than speaking words. That goes for anything. This one individual seems to judge people without even knowing them or where their heart is. I don't walk around and tell everyone I am pagan, that doesn't get me anywhere. Now if I walk around, treating everyone with respect, no matter who they are...even going so far as loving them who for who they are(in the spirit of a Quaker). I don't expect someone who represents himself as a Christian to ask me a series of questions, like he is asking me if I am living by the words he spews from his mouth(boy that sounds a little angry, hmm...more irritated). You see, these are the questions he just "happened" to ask me when he entered the lunch room. "How old are?" "Are you married?" "Are you dating?" "You better hurry if you're going to do anything." It seems it is against some un-written law to grow old without a spouse...hmm. Maybe that is how I'm supposed to live this life. I told him i'm not worried about it, When it is over I will be dust and my spirit will be freeand whatever Goddess and God i hold in my heart will greet me.

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