Monday, March 28, 2011

Let me try and go backwards in time and catch up a bit. Friday mornings session went better, with just a little stiffness but more energy. Whatever I was fighting seemed to be slipping away. Saturday morning was really good too, it was a nice way to finish my week or practice. I really made it a point to reach more in down dog and push with my legs on the out breath. Forward bends i got a little deeper, it was nice getting a bit farther after a few days of backstepping. I did my best to support myself on every attempt of down dog, which is the biggest struggle thru Sury A for me. Today, I had gotten up and had every intention of getting my practice in. I had gotten online checking some threads, watching some Quaker videos and doing some reading. I thought I would have time to get the session in, shower, go get soup and head off to watch Sucker Punch. i had sat too long, but didn't realize it until I rolled my mat out. I looked at the clock, there was no time to get it in...shoot! Then there was a small amount of time from the movie getting out to the 5 o'clock hour when i had to meet one of my set of parents for dinner. I'm going to go back in time a bit here, just for a minute. I have to say that my practice has made me more an observer than a communicator. I watched a confrontation between three coworkers argue over who was covering what. It was a battle of ego, one of the three is a proponent of a "team" concept at work. If we can't communicate in the work situation we are in currently, what makes him think we can pull off a team concept? I could, I try to remain humble and work with just about anyone. Dinner with the do you explain the changes you are going through to people who can't begin to understand? I tried, but it seemed more like I was speaking in Sanskrit. I knew my mother's tone, when she asked me "what changes?" I did my best to explain the inside and outside changes, but i don't think I did the subject justice. It's the same reason I didn't bing up the study of just isn't the crowd for such talks. My wonderful dysfunctional family, who would do what they could if I got in a jam...but they look at me odd if i break out of what they see as the "norm". I'm the weird one, the outsider and have gotten used to that and made peace with that.

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