Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It was so difficult to get out of bed this morning, with the cold dampness in the air. I unrolled my mat and began, my body was so stiff on the forward bend. A littel farther into Sury A, the stiffness went away. It was a morning of feeling weak, which is a bit off, since I have progressed. I guess you'll have that and just chalk it up to the body and the weather.

On another note, I have thought of my eating habits. I've wondered if I could completely give up meat or even fish. I understand alot of Ashtangi's make the choice, but I have been a carnivore most of my life. Will this change in the future? Maybe. I would feel better if i was the one raising and butchering my own meat. It might make me feel could even be the deciding factor on what i eat, if I had to kill my own meat or fish. Fish will be closer in my future, with my hunter gatherer leanings.

I share my house with a cat and have thought of raising rabbits for food. I think it would be a difficult task to kill a rabbit...even if I had to to survive. I was at the mall and stopped into pet store. I tried to pet the rabbits from above and thought how cute they are. That's along way from killing and eating. This could be where vegitarians and vegans find them selves, because they understand they could never kill an animal and eat it.

On the same note, aren't plants alive...sentient beings? They don't have faces we can relate to, but are connected to the earth below our feet. Some believe we should thank the plant and leave an offering when we take a part of it, to honor it. Would honoring the animal we kill in the same way, make it easier to take it's life? It would be the respectful thing to do, instead of raising them in mass, with little regard for their life. It isn't like a bear would thank me for providing it food with my body, but in their world it is eat or be eaten.

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