Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another mornig of stiffness and lack of energy, to the point I stopped Sury A before the end. I think some of it is the weather, everyone I work with is coughing and sniffling or sinusy. I do feel better, little more energized and feel excited about tomorrow mornings session.

My mat is my shala, because i am in a state with no certified teachers. If there are teachers who aren't certified, they may be good people, just not on my radar for what i want in a teacher.

I got the clippters out and cut my hair just before sitting down here to blog. I started cutting my own hair almost a year ago, for a couple of reasons. First it was a challenge, since my barber retired and i wondered if i could do it and not butcher it. Another reason was, vanity had me by the ankle and i knew my hair was gettig thin. it was time to accept and become humble, so I keep my hair very short, to the point of being just a thin layer...any shorter and i would be shaving it clean. I won over vanity and it has no power over me. If i am carrying extra weight on my body, I want to get rid of it because it makes me feel healthy, not because i am worried about what someone thinks.

I have learned how imperfect i am over the last year. I will make mistakes, but also learn from them. I think some of this comes from having a yoga practice has been a factor in learning this. The phrase,"that's why it is called a practice" rings so true, that i could say, I am practicing to be a better being in this life...

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