Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm kind of bummed out, more time away from my practice. I woke Monday morning to a very sore ankle. I didn't notice it on Sunday, after practicing on Saturday. i had hoped to be better today(Tuesday) but there was still some tenderness.

Monday, I nap in the tub, which helped the ankle a little. When i woke I did some breath work, something I normally do. This time I changed it a bit, because i wondered about my timing during my practice. When i follow the DVD, Nicki has the follower do five deep, long breaths during down dog.

Now on Ekam, my breaths are long and match the movement, but I seem to lose that later. While i was in the tub I practiced breathing in fully, paused, then exhaled completely. i did this over and over again and gained some insight. Now, when i managed to get on the mat, I will pay more attention to what I learned.

On a whole another topic, i have thought more about how apathetic I have become with society. I don't hate them, it isn't like that. I just have narrowed my view of what is needed to live a happy life. I was at a store, and found myself watching Ironman on a TV, it was beautiful. i admire the progress technology has made. Admiration is all there is, they are selling things i don't feel I have a use for in my life.

I spent time today watching videos about the monastic and eremetic life...there is something attractive about living such a life. If you would ask a select few people, they might tell you i am already a hermit. There is this negative connotation to the word "hermit",but looking back at the way we have persecuted those who live on the borders of society, I am not surprised. Hermits and witches...hmmm...the frail crone who lives on the edge of a village. We seem to single out the odd, then when they go off on their own, we feel the need to track them down and attack them.

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