Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back on the Mat

It seems like forever, since i unrolled my mat, to the point of wondering how well i would do. yesterday morning, I did just that, got back to my practice. i thought I might be weaker and stiff, but my body retained the strength and flexibility. There was that nagging doubt in my head, about how far i would go, that disappeared. My legs did shake a little in downward facing dog and my arms felt like giving out( so I still struggle to hold myself up all the way through). I feel like I overcame this sickness and fought my mind back to the mat.
It feels like a love/hate relationship with my practice, because it is hard to get to the mat, but love it afterward. I always feel like i was changed by the time i spend on the mat, paying so much attention to my body and breath.
With that, I will end and get ready for doing just that.

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