Thursday, July 21, 2011

I woke on thisday of record heat and got to my mat. I was a little tired, which showed in downward facing dog. I went thru Sury A and moved into Sury B, sweaty and trying to control my breathing. It all went pretty well, until I got to Sapta.

I can say right now, that Sapta in Sury B will be a challenge. Down dog in Sury B did feel like a second wind, whith the break from standing poses. Some of the problem moving into Sury B's sapta, is foot placement. I don't know if it's a combination of shorter arms andnot having the flexibility, or just lack of knowing how to move into it yet. This morning, I tried to keep with Nicki, got my self in position (close enough at least). I almost fell over, gained a second of balance to let myself down. I warched the screen and decided it was over and time to shower.

I think I'll watch her move in and out of Sapta and try to mimic it, as close as i can.

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