Thursday, April 7, 2011

When Spring finally grabs hold of Ohio i will be ready, my sinuses will be thankful. I struggle some mornings, not to roll out the mat, but to stay on the mat. This morning was no different, I had the doubter creep into my head, just passed the beginnig. "You can stop," I could feel my body consider, then I took a breath and moved into Ekam. I am making it a point of using the Sanskrit names of the poses this time, so i can learn the spelling. Knowing the sound is one thing, but I want to learn more. Stretch a little deeper, that is how i want to approach my practice and the task of learning the Cedic writings, as well as Sanskrit. Ekam doesn't look like how I pictured it being spelled...Dwi is the same for that matter. It is a bit like having someone tell you about someone or talking to them on the phone, without ever seeing their face. We form images and opinions on what we believe they look like. Then we go deeper and learn so much more...about ourselves.

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