Friday, April 8, 2011

First i want to talk about last night, as I lay down for the night. It has been over two weeks, since i have felt the energy along my spine. Last night it was back, rushing through my body, comforting me as i fell asleep. This morning , i woke sinuses causing me to sniffle. I unrolled my mat and made such a great attempt. I suffered every time I moved into Dwi or beyond where my head was slightly inverted, the mucus was playing havoc with me. I have fought my way through similar mornings and won, vicotry wasn't mine. I suffered, trying to breathe, concentration was hard to find. When Nicki said"last one, Ekim," I was done. When part of the morning practice is to concentrate on breath, not being able to, throws a wrench in the whole thing. Tomorrow is the last day of my practice until Monday rolls around, here's hoping to be able to breathe.

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