Monday, January 9, 2012

Humbly at your service

Here I sit, first moonday of 2012 and I can't help but think back to last week. Wednesday, to be exact, the morning I crawled onto my mat tired and the day began. I made the drive to work, angry and stayed in that state all day. Angry, tired and propped up my Monster energy drink, hoping for the end to come.

Thursday I woke, happy and well rested and the Friday came. I was tired, but could tolerate the day, but my practice suffered and I made it short. Saturday was the day I slept in, woke at noon and ran off to the movies.

I was anxious to get back to the mat, but moonday=no Ashtanga practice. I tink I've been going thru this struggle, walking the line of light and dark. I'm trying to remember...I think it's in the sutras that there is no dark or light, only grey. This is a common theme in comes down to taking responsibility for your actions. I won't ramble on about the various parallels in the belief systems. I will say, kindness begets kindness, maybe not instantly, it ce be like a timebomb sometimes.

Today, slept in, no reason to wake early, it just made sense for a Monday moonday. At work, the seat and group move I had been told of came early. No matter who I am asked to work with I change according to the people in the groupe. I'll say this once, I am a highly effective multitasker, able to sneak in glances at Yahoo without missing a beat. There I sat, handling the tasks at hand with ease. One by one, people from my old group and former cubicle neighbors came by to check in. It was like I had the building or department, if they had brought flowers as if they were mourning their loss, it would be little surprise. Comments like "Great, now I'll bascially be working alone" and others volunteering someone else in trade.

How humble can you feel which such sentiment as the above interactions? A year ago I may have let it go to my head, now I appreciate it humbly. I have my sights on the future, on the possiblities. The things that I might accomplish in the life time.

There is a hymn in the Rig Veda, titled Frogs, which compares frogs and Brahmins. There is a idea that this is a satire, but I would disagree at the symbolizism. Frog totems are a symbol of rebirth and creation, which seems a more fitting comparison. The speaks of how the frogs croak at the first rain of the year and the Brahmin come out with their bowls or soma. This cycle of life, every year in the northern parts of the world, we die or go into a hybernation. Spring comes, brings new life and the first rains and we are all out experiencing the world, as if it were a new life.

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