Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here I am in, just halfway thru the second week of getting up at 5am, to get time to practice. I am very glad that I have made that choice, although I was physically tired this morning.I adjusted where my hand placement moving into dwei so when I move to the next posture, i am in proper position. I've been a little sore from that, but nothing compared to the first month at the beginning.

Physical changes, along with the turn towards a vegetarian diet, this morning I weighed myself and have lost a couple more pounds. i try not to focus on any time of weight loss, that can be very consuming and trap for the ego. I have another zit growing on my nose, which is a bit of a good sign. Of course if you dread acne, you wouldn't think so, but if you have a Ashtanga practice you could probably accept it.

In the last week and a half I have had some Monster energy drinks in the mornings. I'm trying to cut those out, but I can feel the energy from the practice dissipate on the drive to work. It hasn't been every day either and I hope to cut these out completely. On my day off I got a Cappacino Blast, took a couple sips, then wondered why I had gotten it. Now this is strange, because I used to love these, until recently. In a way, it is like my choice to eat certain foods and cut others out. I have no desire to drink any alcohol, partly because I know my body( due to my practice) will purge it. My hearing as gotten more acute too, as just a short note.

During time with family I had comments to conversations come up, but before I could say anything, another family member said the exact words on my tongue. They weren't close, they were exact and it happened at least three times that I can remember.

As I approach my one year mark of my Ashtanga practice, I am almost able to complete all cycles of Sury B. It's exciting, I'll say it could be a couple months before I'm there and there's no hurry.

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